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What is Agilent Technologies? You Need to Know

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What is Agilent Technologies? Agilent Technologies, Incorporated is an American information technology manufacturing and analysis company that provides its products and services worldwide. Its headquarters is based in Santa Clara, California.

Agilent has been established in 1999 as an independent subsidiary from Hewlett-Packard.It is a direct seller to the global market for data-processing processors, software design and production, audio visual systems and other IT solutions. The Agilent Technologies wide range of products and services includes:

Designing and Development

Agilent works with its customers to identify their needs for new designs, software packages and technical documentation. It can also provide rapid concept-stage development, prototype building, engineering validation, integration, documentation conversion and verification services for its customers. Agilent has over 45 years of experience in design, technical support, integration and verification for its hardware and software systems.

Agilent Technologies is a prime delivery partner of many large corporations and U.S. Government agencies that rely on its technology solutions to operate their information systems. Agilent’s system designs are suited for today’s fast-moving business world. For example, the design of the software stack for information systems at IBM is modeled on Agilent’s expertise in parallel computing and its familiarity with large mainframe computers.

In contrast, software designs by other companies may not be well suited for high-performance applications with narrow memory and throughput requirements. Agilent’s knowledge in simulation and design coupled with extensive experience in software implementation makes it a superior choice for designing software systems.


The capabilities of this software range from large-scale systems for national defense to specialized software for microelectronics. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process starts with the design of software, which undergoes rapid prototyping. The prototyping is followed by systems development and testing, which involve software implementations and maintenance. The product delivery involves system integration and final integration to ensure maximum value.

Agilent’s technologies are designed to provide superior solutions for information systems. It has delivered and enhanced by a wide variety of software designs for a broad range of application domains. These include information systems design, manufacturing and supply chain management, economic and financial services, transportation, customer service, health care, aerospace and defense, energy, communications, government, and finance. These software designs make use of state of the art and efficient simulation technologies. This enables Agilent to deliver quality software solutions for a variety of customers across all industry verticals. Agilent’s Software Development portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of software products for high-tech and business sectors.

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