Is AI Cars Secure?

The future of self-driving cars has been once again in the news. Last week Google released their newest autonomous car, and Apple just released their own software that will allow vehicles to communicate with each other. Will AI cars be safer? More convenient? More reliable? Is ai Cars Secure? The future of self-driving cars has … Read more

Tech Start Up Ideas for Non Technical Person

How are you able to start a tech begin with no technical background? Many say that you simply can’t start a tech begin because a tech is someone who knows the way to use software, he or she is an engineer or an architect. In other words, they’re highly qualified to try to to the … Read more

What is Agilent Technologies? You Need to Know

What is Agilent Technologies? Agilent Technologies, Incorporated is an American information technology manufacturing and analysis company that provides its products and services worldwide. Its headquarters is based in Santa Clara, California. Agilent has been established in 1999 as an independent subsidiary from Hewlett-Packard.It is a direct seller to the global market for data-processing processors, software … Read more